Getting Started

 First Steps

You have your STEPCRAFT assembled and would now like to put the machine into practice?

We show you how to install the software, how to set up the STEPCRAFT system right and how to manufacture your first workpiece.

Both the first-time user and experienced user we recommend carrying out the following steps to ensure a secure start of operating your CNC system.

2    Preparation of desktop 3D-System
2.1    Installing the software
2.2    Connecting the machine to the computer
2.3    Checking operational readiness
2.4    Manual test
2.5    Verification of the linear axes
2.6    Referencing
2.7    Parked position

3    Preparation of the first component
3.1    Clamping of the workpiece material
3.2    Import the pattern drawing
3.3    Setting the parameters
3.4    Definition of work piece zero point (X, Y)
3.5    Test drive without the use of tools
3.6    Preparation of the milling spindle
3.7    Definition of workpiece zero point (Z)
3.8    Preparation of the sample component


Read the complete documentation.

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